Enabling Government of the Future

With a vision to empower, enable and support a digital government that is proactive, personalised, collaborative and secure, the Digital Next Summit is bringing together both public and private sectors to form partnerships and facilitate co-operation opportunities towards enhancing the digital transformation ecosystem.

With its successful launch in 2019, the Digital Next Summit has already established itself as the region’s most renowned high-profile event dedicated exclusively to enabling government of the future through digital transformation.

Improving the lives of the citizens by transforming how government uses technology is at the heart of the Digital Next Summit. The event strives to not only focus on technology solutions, but also on creating momentum and sustainability, and fostering a technology-first philosophy. Truly transforming government through the power of digital technologies will be a journey; a journey where partnerships and collaboration between the public and private sector will play a key role.

Shifting trends in the way how citizens interact, relate and engage has accelerated the adoption of new innovative digital solutions in the government sector. As digital technology reshapes the future of society, governments that manage digital transformation effectively can achieve a world-class quality of life for their citizens, improve citizen happiness and improve their country’s competitiveness within the global economy.

Through innovative content, collaboration with multiple stakeholders and unique insightful intelligence, the Digital Next Summit will explore the key pillars of digital transformation which every government should explore, evaluate, engage and invest in.

Watch the Preview for Digital Next Summit 2022