Enabling Government of the Future

With a vision to empower, enable and support a digital government that is proactive, personalised, collaborative and secure, the Digital Next Summit is bringing together both public and private sectors to form partnerships and facilitate cooperation opportunities towards enhancing the digital transformation ecosystem.

With its successful launch in 2019, the Digital Next Summit has already established itself as the region’s most renowned high-profile event dedicated exclusively to enabling the government of the future through digital transformation. In 2021 with the rise in digitalization, Digital Next Summit successful launched Digital Next Leadership Series truly transforming government through the power of digital technologies.

Through innovative content, collaboration with multiple stakeholders and unique insightful intelligence, the Digital Next Summit 2022 will explore the key pillars of digital transformation which every government should explore, evaluate, engage and invest in. The second edition of the summit will be held in a new hybrid format combining the best of both worlds attracting both in-person attendees and virtual attendees.

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