Bringing together international and regional experts from leading public and private sector organisations, the programme for the Digital Next Summit 2019 will feature a series of international keynotes, plenary sessions, executive panel discussions, and thought provoking case studies on international best practices and innovations.

The programme for the Digital Next Summit has been developed with emphasis on the key pillars for successful digital transformation. The programme will feature four key tracks that will enable you to analyze, examine and understand how digital transformation is shaping the way governments across the world are embracing innovative technologies to achieve excellence.

Key Tracks at Digital Next Summit 2019


Convergence of technologies are driving a radical re-thinking of government services. Redesigning the future of government services calls for a paradigm shift in the approach to service delivery keeping in mind evolving customer demands and expectations. In order to improve customer experience across various traditional and digital channels in government services, there is a need to establish a seamless, hassle-free and personalized user experience across all channels. How various government entities can provide a unique interface for citizens and ensure a frictionless integrated customer journey through omni-channel experience and common digital platforms will be at the heart of the GX Next Track at Digital Next Summit.


Integrating and combining efforts between various government entities, and providing a centralized delivery of services and solutions creates immense value for the government and citizens. Joint digital transformation initiatives across government entities enable synergies in solution provisioning and IT procurement. What are the common technology solutions that governments can use to enhance their operations and efficiency; how can standardized architecture across various entities enable economies of scale; and how can government entities increase savings through joint digital transformation efforts? Find out more at the Digital Next Summit.


Security in a highly connected environment is of significant importance. Safeguarding the government digital infrastructure, networks, systems and data, and maintaining citizen privacy and transaction information with government services undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in a digital ecosystem. The Cyber Next track at the Digital Next Summit will explore key tools and processes for information and threat intelligence sharing and will examine the opportunities for the development of joint capabilities and partnerships among government entities in cybersecurity.


Data is undoubtedly one of the most important assets to any organisation. Analyzing data has become an integral part of governmental decision-making processes. Moreover, data driven by new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are helping governments in ways unchartered before. At the Digital Next Summit, explore the application of data-enabled technologies and learn more on how it can push the boundaries of government innovation.